Travel with the Aesthetic Lifestyle- Nanyuan


Enjoy a sensual trip with the U-travel
In the unique garden architecture,
let food, art, and cultural experience
entertain your senses.


♦ 2 day tour
♦ Hsinchu,Taiwan

【Group Size】
12-14 pax

♦ 10:00am Enjoy a brunch at the most beautiful balcony on the Zhongshan North Road.
♦ 11:30am Bound to Nanyuan.
♦ 13:00pm Greeting with tea, one of the literati’s “eight elegance” ♦ 14:00pm Check in and Rest ♦ 15:00pm Aesthetic Living (1) – Indulging in the Taiwanese art
♦ 16:00pm Aesthetic Living (2) – A cultural and aesthetic tour of the garden architecture
♦ 18:00pm A night banquet and the stories of food
♦ 20:00pm A concert of vinyl music / Local wine tasting
♦ 21:00pm Seasonal herbal bath with seasonal night snack

♦ 7:30am A walk at dawn
♦ 8:00am Breakfast / rest
♦ 11:00am Rejuvenation / Check out
♦ 11:30am Aesthetic Lifestyle (3) – Plant dyes
♦ 13:00pm Lunch of delights / Transform local ingredients into a tablescape
♦ 15:00pm Appreciate the enchanting mountain views from Nanyuan / Years of tranquility
♦ 16:00pm Return Home

【Contact Us】
TEL (02)8643-3543(02)8643-3581
MOBILE 0915-883-089
【Pick up】
♦ Pick-up / The One Cafe'(中山誠食堂)at 10:00am by shuttle
♦ Drop-Off /The One Cafe'(中山誠食堂)at 5:30pm or Hsinchu HSR Station at 4:30pm by shuttle

【Contact Us】
TEL (02)8643-3543(02)8643-3581
MOBILE 0915-883-089
♦ NT 9,800/pax

♦ All transportation during the tour
♦ All meals mentioned during the tour
♦ All activities mentioned during the tour

【Contact Us】
TEL (02)8643-3543(02)8643-3581
MOBILE 0915-883-089